Automated Contact Tracing for Covid-19

Find all contacts of an affected individual in one click
using realtime data.

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Why we did this app ?


Health workers all over the world are working round the clock, risking their lives and being away from their families. They are seriously over burdened. They are real heroes who have put their lives in frontline to save all. This is a small help we can do with technology (which we know) to help reduce the burden by helping trace contacts and automatically intimating them and authorities which otherwise have to be done by the health workers and authorities manually.

Authorized Usage Only

Available only for Governments, NGOs and hospitals.

Free of Cost

No charge for the app or its usage anywhere in the world.

Secure Data

Data is accessed only for intimation purposes.

How does the trace Covid-19 app work?

1 — Download and Register

Download the app and register yourself using your mobile number.

2 — Enable location tracking

Give permission for the app to access you location always.

3 — Get Notified

If you had been in the proximity of another person who is infected.

Trace Covid-19 Mobile App


Daily tracker


Everyday location and
distance tracker


Proximity Alert


Quarantine Notice


Update and Information


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Core Features

Automated Tracking

Contact tracking and proximity alert is done automatically in realtime.

Accurate Data

The data is collected using accurate location information on smart phones.

No Manual Intervention

There is no need to manually interview affected individuals by health officials.

Instant Intimation to Contacts

Upon confirmation of a case, instant notification is sent to all contacts.

Quarantine an Area

Mark an area as quarantined for visitors or people living near by.

Information and Updates

Give realtime updates and important information about Covid-19 via the app.

Let's break the Covid-19 transmission chain and make the world safe for everyone.


About Us

Trace Covid-19 is developed by MacAppStudio and award winning app development and digital transformation studio based in Chennai, India. To Know more about us and our culture please checkout


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